Pretty Boy (Fadi Said) born on January 1st is a Middle Eastern/European Singer, Songwriter and Actor. Pretty Boy was known as the entertainer in the family. Singing, acting and doing stand up comedy in front of family and friends is what he was known for. Putting a smile on everyone was all Pretty Boy cared about. Through his talents he did just that and more.

He started singing at a young age. Growing up he sang at his church choir and is still a part of it till this day. Learning from his father who was also a singer Pretty Boy learned the root of his music. Later brothers Sam (Wild Turkey) and Tommy (I-Roc-E) encouraged him to go beyond. Helping and inspiring him about music and making him that much more passionate about the journey that he would be taking.

Acting was a big part of Pretty Boy’s life. As a kid he would act in school plays and was in many movies and television shows back home. Once he moved to Vancouver, Canada it was as if he had finally found himself in the real world. He had begged his parents for one thing and that was taking advanced classes in acting. He wanted to learn more and become skilled in what he loved. They decided to let him take up professional acting classes, just as long as he kept up his good marks in school. He was later accepted by numerous agencies to represent him for principal roles. Yet his acting classes that he took taught him much more about life, and the entertainment business. He absolutely adored every aspect of entertainment, but his biggest decision was choosing one. He decided to put his acting and everything else aside and focus on singing just like his role model Justin Timberlake.

School wise Pretty Boy was an Honor student and would excel in anything he put his mind into. He loved to write, especially short stories and poems. Not only was Pretty Boy academically intelligent but also athletic, playing Basketball, Volleyball, and his favorite sport Soccer which he has won numerous trophies in. Now while working on his music he is still studying to become a Doctor.

This talented young Artist has opened up for artists such as Akon, Jay Sean, Mario, JRDN, Ronnie, Sammy & Vinnie from “Jersey Shore”, and Swollen Members. His ever-growing knowledge in the music industry has taken him too more respectable heights in the local Pop-R&B community. Pretty Boy has also won over Vancouver’s heart by being named #1 RnB/Pop Singer in Vancouver.

Pretty Boy’s goal is to be known not only locally but also worldwide for his talents. Hoping to sign with record labels such as Warner Bros, Island/Def Jam, Atlantic, and Universal. His favorite artist that he looks up to are; Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Tarkan, Marvin Gaye, and Chris Brown.

Singing is a lifetime process Pretty Boy believes, it starts when you’re born, and as one of his favorite singers once said “As time goes by people will see who I am for who I am” Justin Timberlake.

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